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Reynoldsburg Real Estate

If you are looking for a an ideal place to relocate your family that offers the perfect balance of both urban and suburban settings, then the houses that Reynoldsburg real estate currently offers should peek your interest. Reynoldsburg is proud to be a community oriented city which also sustains the rigorous social and financial demands for growth and expansion, being that it is the capital city of Columbus, Ohio.

There’s something for every taste when it comes to residential properties varying from single story garden apartments, town homes, condominiums and ideal single family homes all readily available to fit any budget and cater to any taste when it comes to designs.

Located southeast of the capital city of Columbus, Reynoldsburg City offers accessibility to major city services via Interstate 70 to the north and Interstate 270 at the northwest corner. For its proximity to the Columbus metro scene, big city services and facilities can be quickly accessed by its residents like the Port Columbus International Airport, colleges and universities, hospitals and corporate offices.

If you choose to relocate within or to Reynoldsburg, quick access to a wide array of recreational, academic and commercial facilities is the first thing you’ll notice and appreciate. You’ll also love that this city includes a great school district. A high school, two junior high, two middle schools and six elementary schools offer great learning facilities which is conducive to a child’s intellectual growth.

One thing to note about this city’s impressive school district is the Reynoldsburg High School’s unique career specialization structure, dividing it to four distinct schools focusing on careers in Business and Politics, Arts and Communication, Health Care and The Science & Technology.

Discover Reynoldsburg real estate to raise your family in! Please call us or email us with any inquiries you may have.

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